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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Universal Kwik Energy Supplement Review

Is it just me or is there a serious shortage of physical and mental energy going around? I don't know if I just have a fatigue problem or is everyone else drained as soon as they wake up everyday, too? Physical fatigue is bad enough, but being a freelance writer seems to deplete any mental focus or energy I do accumulate. 
Needless to say, I'm a caffeine addict who's always looking for an energy supplement or energy drink to pick up both my physical and mental energy. With that said, I came across a new supplement that sounded promising -- called Universal Kwik Energy -- and after spending a good month using it, I thought it's high time I put my results in a review. 

*This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission when you use my link and make a purchase.

Universal Kwik Energy is basically an herbal energy supplement. The tablets combine anhydrous caffeine with energy-boosting herbs like guarana seed powder, kola nut seed powder, and cocoa bean extract. 

Guarana seeds, used for their stimulating effect, contain about twice as much caffeine as coffee seeds. 

Kola nut is a light stimulant that increases endurance and reduces appetite. 

Cocoa bean extract contains caffeine and may improve cognition and blood flow.

Caffeine Anhydrous is basically caffeine in powder form.

  •  Reliable -- They seems to work even after regular use. 
  •  No major crashing 
  •  Steady energy -- no intense ups and downs 
  • Great price for such a 60-day-supply (currently less than $10 for 60-day-supply at eVitamins)

  • Made in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) facility

  • Contains a substance known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm (California Residents Proposition #65 Warning)
  •   Some days I needed a second dose to keep myself going.
  •   Contains artificial coloring (Red #40)

    Detailed Account of My Results

 To elaborate on some of the points above, I'll start with the first point: Seems to work even after regular use. 

I've taken the Universal Kwik Energy tablets for about two months. One of my biggest concerns with energy products is that they often quit "working" with regular use. For example, the first time you drink a Red Bull you get wings, right? But after drinking them daily for a week or two, the effects seem to decrease, and suddenly it's not giving you wings anymore.

I've taken a two month supply of these Kwik Energy tablets (60 servings/tablets) in about a month in a half's time (taking two tablets daily sometimes). The results didn't diminish. Each time I took a tablet, the effects were noticeable. 

About the artificial coloring: 
I listed the Red #40 ingredient as a "con" because it's possibly harmful and some people, like my s/o are unable to take this due to having an allergy to the artificial dye Red #40. 
Who cares what color the tablet is, anyway?

How long does the energy last? 

I would have an energy boost for a steady 2-3 hours after taking one. The energy probably lasts as long as any energy supplement, but there were times when my energy would be depleted by late evening and I'd just take second dose to get myself back up and running.

I love that these tablets provide a steady energy boost for a few hours at a time without a major crash when it wears off. Note: Everyone's results can vary. If you normally crash from caffeine, then you should probably expect a crash to some extent from these too. 


 Caffeine Anhydrous      (250 mg)
 Kola Nut Seed Powder (50 mg)
 Cocoa Bean Extract      (50 mg)
 Guarana Seed Powder (50 mg)

Other ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline celluose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, red #40.

Overall Rating:  4/5 Stars
The Universal Kwik Energy tablets reminded me of an old energy supplement I used to take religiously (called Motivation) until I couldn't find them anymore, so this quickly became my favorite. 

However, when I read the label and saw that this supplement contains a substance known to cause reproductive harm or birth defects, it was extremely off-putting and worrisome.

You can find Universal Kwik Energy here. Click here to receive $5 off your eVitamins order.

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