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Disclosures/Hire Me

  Welcome to Healthy, Happy, Wholesome!

 I'm Kendra, a freelance writer and "health-nut," otherwise known as the girl who runs this little spot.

Currently accepting jobs/gigs in the following fields:

  • Professional Product Reviewer 
  • Product Description Writer
  • Copywriter 
  • Social Influencer
Whether you're looking for a writer to contribute to blog posts like the ones you see here or you need creative ads, product descriptions, or reviews, you've come to the right place. 

Product Reviews:
As a professional product reviewer,  I review virtually every product that lands in my hands -- as long as I have something significant to say about it.  

If it's a product review (or something related) that you're looking for, you can contact me for further information. I currently accept a few sponsored reviews each month as that's all I can allow time for right now.

For all other gig/job inquiries or to discuss my rates and openings, please send an email to kendra 30752 AT or just hit the contact button to get in touch. I try to respond to all mail within a week.

About Healthy, Happy, Wholesome
It's my intention that this blog will be useful to other health-conscious folks like myself. My goal is to offer reputable information to help readers live a healthier, happier, and more wholesome lifestyle. That is why you'll find such a wide range of topics here. 

It's my goal to be transparent and include as much useful information when it comes to ingredients and natural remedies of any kind, so that you can learn as much as possible in one place without having to scour the web for information on one single topic.

Want to work with mePlease see the following guidelines for my disclosures and other requirements.


Guest Post Guidelines:
If you'd like to set up a guest post with me, please send me the link to the website/blog and any other relevant information (titles, niche interests, topic interests, etc.)

If you're wanting to submit a guest post for Healthy, Happy, Wholesome:
I'm always happy to share relevant work here and I enjoy collaborating with fellow bloggers/writers.
 If you have a submission or project idea you'd like to discuss don't hesitate to reach out. Health tip articles and personal experience pieces (perhaps you've had luck curing an ailment with a home remedy) are always welcome. If you have another topic you think the world would find useful, feel free to reach out with those those ideas as well.

 I accept "cold-emailing," so you can get in touch via email or message me here, or connect through social media -- I'm on LinkedIn, Skype (kendra.richards9), Facebook, Twitter.

Additional Information - My Specialties

I'm a freelance writer who's written for a couple of columns for various online magazines, and other websites. 

As a copywriter, my specialties include product reviews, product descriptions, ads, web-copy, direct copy, email, and more. 

If by some chance I've managed to impress you with my product reviews here, and you're interested in collaborating on a project that requires a copywriter's skills, get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss details with you. 

I typically have several "spots" open near the beginning of each month, but can typically work new clients in by mid-month or sooner.

Healthy, Happy, Wholesome is an "Integrity Blog," meaning I've signed the pledge, and listed on Blog with Integrity -- an amazing, positively influential organization in the blogging world. Blog With Integrity gives bloggers an opportunity to sign their pledge, which is really beautiful. You'll notice we've done so, and have their "Blog with Integrity" badge listed on the side bar here at Ribbons and Pearls. 

Before we go on to the disclosure, please visit Blog with Integrity to read the beautiful pledge that bloggers like myself have taken, and will always abide by.


Long before the FTC came along, I was reviewing my happy tail off. Although most were products purchased and tested by me then later reviewed, I then hooked up with several companies for reviewing purposes. Whether these relationships are long term or not, I’ve always made a point to let my readers know that everything included in my reviews is honest and  is my opinion. I review because I want to inform. I want Ribbons & Pearls to be a place where people can come to learn about products and ingredients, whether it’s skincare, fitness, health  or adult products. 

I want this to be a place where  people can find answers to their questions. I love writing and happen to enjoy testing and comparing products that I’m passionate about.

A while back I posted my honesty pledge at the top of my blog which still remains there. In order for people to learn about products, it's important to provide informative, thorough and nothing less than honest reviews. 

 I work hard on the postings I write and research, and  I work to provide as much info as possible. 

FTC Disclosure: All reviews are my 100% honest opinion.I choose to write about products when I feel I can be of use to others. Some of the reviews featured at Ribbons and Pearls are sponsored, and this is stated in the review. In my reviews, I sometimes include affiliate links back to the company or the product being written about. If I adore, value and use a product regularly myself, I like to give credit there. If you click these links, I do not receive monetary compensation off them. If that changes, I will state so clearly in the page.

 Copyright:  Unless otherwise stated or taken from a commercial website, I claim copyright to all content of this blog. Copyright infringement is a real offense. I do not permit use of copyrighted material without my permission. Doing so can have serious legal consequences consistent with the DMCA and other copyrights laws.

Update! (for Companies who I review for on a Regular Basis:

New changes are taking place here at Ribbons & Pearls. These changes only apply to companies I review for on a regular basis.

New changes will take place at the beginning of the year.  This only applies to companies that I review for on a regular basis (monthly or more).
To start the year off, there'll be changes to the page. Advertisements such as banners may be removed permanantly. This may even include links and reviews. 

If I review for your company on a regular basis and you do not notify me of  numerous delays, changes,  or get in touch when necessary, you’re banners, ads, reviews and links will no longer be included here. If you cannot keep communication open, or there are frequent problems with responses. By this, I am talking about companies who continue to ask that Ribbons and Pearls  advertise for them, but they prove to be unreliable time and again. 

I will be clearing these ads and banners, making room for newer companies who I’ve been invited to work with in the coming year.

Those who I still review for on a regular basis need not worry. You’re banners, ads, reviews, etc. will remain left intact, but I simply don’t have time to keep up with companies that don’t take their reviewers seriously. My blog space is limited and I prefer to advertise for reliable companies.

If you plan to make changes, need further explanation or want to work something out with me, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Remember, your reviewers are your biggest customers.

For most of you that I review for regularly, things will not change. For those who plan to work with me for only a short while, or who will work with me in the future, this does not apply to you, either. 

Thank you all, and it has been a pleasure. I hope 2012 is just as great!